Friday, May 10, 2013

Review Materials

These are compilations of review materials. I hope these help.

Credits to:

 Engr. Paisar Gadiaware

University of The Philippines Los BaƱos Reviewer

Irrigation and Drainage Compilation

CIGR Handbook of Agricultural Engineering

The CIGR handbook is a comprehensive collection of agricultural engineering reference material to the data of publication. More than 190 authors from around the world. Six volumes - over 2,900 total pages. This handbook series is designed to help engineers and others involved in agricultural technology.

Vol. I: Land and Water Engineering (1999)

PAES Download Link

The PAES or the Philippine Agricultural Engineering Standards is the major handbook of all agricultural engineers. This contains eight volumes of standards and specifications of agricultural machinery, post harvest facilities, agricultural structures, engineering materials, farm-to-market roads, and many more.

You can download this handbook by clicking this: PAES